Simple to sign-up, Easy to Deploy

PerfectWORK is a 100% integrated next generation "cloud" suite of business applications. This modern model of software design enables a rapid, universal and very scalable deployment to enable your business digitization.

PerfectWORK is a modular ERP system designed to seamlessly integrate the main functional areas of your main business processes into a unified system. From the discovery of a lead, to nurturing that into a loyal customer, and meeting their needs.


PerfectWORK ERP On Cloud

Real Time & Scalability

ERP on Cloud enable users to access business information and perform business transaction in real time form anywhere and on any device. More important is that it ensure employees are using one single data, scalable functionalities, improve their productivity, and visibility for management.

PerfectWORK Retail and Distribution

Seamless Supply Chain Management

End-to-end Retail and Distribution ready business processes that ensure the digital connection from suppliers to consumers.

PerfectWORK E-Commerce

Shop Online Capabilities

Full suite of eCommerce capabilities that manage online shopping, inventory, and fulfilment management together with build-in customer relationship management (CRM).

PerfectWORK Production

Manufacturing Ready

Manufacturing capability that starts from raw material planning, BOM management, production tracking, and finished goods management.